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Bonnie Rusk

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Bonnie Rusk is a Conservation Biologist with 25 years of experience in the West Indies focusing on biodiversity, terrestrial ecosystems and protected areas, and more recently on climate change adaptation strategies for coastal forests and strategies for their integration into local policy.

Bonnie Rusk has been consulting for multilateral, bilateral and international donor organizations since the mid 1990's in the West Indies, including for World Bank, UNDP, USAID, and has extensive experience with both the development and implementation of Global Environment Facility funded projects.

She has been the Senior Biologist and Founding Director of the Grenada Dove Conservation Programme since 1991, carrying out research and management for an IUCN Critically Endangered species and its habitat, including the development of new protected areas. Her on-the-ground work incorporates a stakeholder participatory approach to planning and management.

She has a 25 year collaboration with the Government of Grenada, providing technical expertise that supports development and implementation of international and national programs and strategies to further commitments to Multilateral Environmental Agreements. She has ongoing collaborations with numerous international organizations.

While her professional training was done primarily in the United States, most of her career has been working in the West Indies. She is originally from Montreal, Canada.

Bonnie has a M.S. in Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1993).