ila cote


Ila Cote

Dr. Ila Cote is on sabbatical from the Environmental Protection Agency. She is the former director of EPA’s National Center for Environmental Assessment – Research Triangle Park Division, and science advisor to EPA senior management. Her expertise is in public health and environmental risk assessment, and the interface of science and public policy. She is trained as a toxicologist and is a former faculty member of New York University Medical Center’s Department of Environmental Medicine, and taught courses in Risk Assessment, and Air Quality Management at Duke University. She has also collaborated with the Environmental Ministries of several foreign governments to develop their environmental policies and programs.

Current interests include: strategic planning for next generation risk assessment practices, policy implications of the European Union efforts to gather data on ~100,000 chemicals, and risk assessment and research coordination among federal agencies.

Recent Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

White RH, Cote I, Zeise L, Fox M, Dominici F. Burke T, White PD, Hattis DB, Samet JM. State-of-the-Science Workshop Report: Issues and Approaches in Low Dose–Response Extrapolation for Environmental Health Risk Assessment. Environmental Health Perspectives, doi: 10.1289/ehp.11502, September 2008

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Recent Peer-Reviewed EPA Documents (executive direction/contributing author)

U.S. EPA Toxicologic Review of Methanol. Washington, DC, Interagency Review Draft, 2008 (publically available in 09)

U.S. EPA Integrated Science Assessment for Nitrogen and Sulfur Oxides – Ecology. Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-08/082, 2008 (publically available in December)

U.S. EPA Integrated Science Assessment for Particulate Matter – Health Criteria. Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-08, External Review Draft, 2008 (publically available in December)

U.S. EPA Toxicologic Review of Acrylamide. Washington, DC, External Review Draft, NCEA-S-1666, 2008

U.S. EPA Integrated Science Assessment for Oxides of Nitrogen – Health Criteria. Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-08/071, 2008

U.S. EPA Integrated Science Assessment for Sulfur Oxides – Health Criteria. Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-08/047F, 2008

U.S. EPA Toxicologic Review of Propionaldehyde. Washington, DC, EPA/635/R-08/003F, 2008