jana milford


Jana Milford

University of Colorado Boulder
Department of Engineering 
Campus Box 427 
Boulder, CO 80309-0427

Tel: 303-492-5542
Fax: 303-492-3498

Jana Milford is Professor and Chair for the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Colorado. Her research addresses technical, legal and policy aspects of air pollution. Jana's primary technical focus is modeling the chemistry and transport of ozone, secondary organic aerosols and other photochemical air pollutants. Her research includes application of formal sensitivity and uncertainty analysis and optimization techniques to chemistry and transport models, and use of these models in making decisions. Jana is also interested in application and evaluation of statistical and mass balance techniques for identifying sources of air pollution based on chemically speciated measurements, including outdoor, indoor, and personal exposure measurements.

Please visit Jana's homepage in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Colorado.