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Jason Vogel

ABT Associates
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Dr. Jason Vogel, Managing Analyst with Abt Environmental Research, has worked extensively on climate change adaptation issues, and has experience in policy analysis, climate change impact and adaptation assessments, project and program evaluation, decision analysis, vulnerability and risk assessment, climate services, climate financing, translating climate science for decision-making audiences, qualitative and quantitative methods of information elicitation, endocrine disrupting chemical regulation, and high-level radioactive waste policy. He has conducted science-based analyses, translated climate change science, evaluated and conducted vulnerability assessments, and provided strategy and policy support for clients such as the United States Agency for International Development, the European Investment Bank, the Caribbean Development Bank, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Kresge Foundation, DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Water Utility Climate Alliance, and the County of Boulder, Colorado. Dr. Vogel was trained as an atmospheric scientist and chemist before turning his attention to public policy. In addition to having a working knowledge of the science of climate change, Dr. Vogel was trained in qualitative and quantitative methods for policy analysis, including the policy sciences heuristics for analyzing the policy process, social process, and policy problems; Q methodology; cluster analysis; statistics; and more. Dr. Vogel received a BS in chemistry and a BA in humanities from the University of Texas at Austin in 1999. He received his MS in atmospheric physics from the University of Colorado in 2003 and his PhD in public policy from the University of Colorado in 2006.