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Jordan Kincaid

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Jordan is a student and teacher of environmental philosophy, policy, and science. He is a PhD student in Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, holds an MS in Environmental Policy from Bard CEP, and a BA in Philosophy and Government from the University of Texas at Austin. He is also a Visiting Fellow at the University of North Texas' Center for the Study of Interdiscplinarity involved with the Future of Energy Project. His professional experience is in higher education, ethical analysis, energy and environmental policy analysis, municipal and state legislative procedure, statistical analysis, political advocacy, and medical research.

His current research includes analyzing the role of mythology in environmental philosophy; the ideology and politics of risk; philosophy of energy; the ethics of natural gas development; and the politics of fracking.

His Masters thesis, To Frack or Not to Frack (TFNF), examines risk-related ideology pertaining to natural gas development and addresses these questions: Why do people support or resist natural gas development? What does it mean to be precautionary or proactionary in the context of fracking? Is being precautionary about natural gas development simply an attribute of the political Left and being proactionary an attribute of the Right, or are precautionaries and proactionaries each pulling from both sides of the aisle? How and what knowledge, values, and beliefs influence proactionary or precautionary views about hydraulic fracturing for natural gas? How should policymakers frame the politics of fracking? And on that basis, how should policymakers regulate natural gas development?