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Juan Lucena

Humanitarian Engineering
Liberal Arts and International Studies
Colorado School of Mines
Stratton Hall 424
Golden, CO 80401-1887

Tel: 303-273-3564
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Juan Lucena, Ph.D. (Virginia Tech: Science and Technology Studies) specializes in political, cultural and historical analyses of engineers and engineering. Dr. Lucena brings a global and comparative perspective to understand key agents in natural-resource and energy areas – the engineers – and how they often attempt to bring conflicting goals, such as efficiency and social justice, into the making of technologies. His research includes interdisciplinary analyzes of engineering cultures (Brazil, Britain, Colombia, France, Japan, Mexico, Russia, US), the intersections between engineering and community development and between engineering and social justice. He is currently working on an NSF-sponsored research project on adaptation to climate change of engineered systems.

Juan is also a 2005-06 Boeing Company Senior Fellow in Engineering Education at the National Academy of Engineering, and Visiting Professor in Science and Engineering Education at the Universidad de Las Americas in Puebla Mexico. Juan was a Distinguished Lecturer at the 2006 American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Meeting and keynote lecturer at the 2004 National Conference on Engineering Education in Colombia. Juan has directed the Science, Technology, and Globalization Program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the McBride Honors Program in Public Affairs for Engineers at CSM. During the summer of 1999, Dr. Lucena was faculty-in-residence for the Washington Internship for Students of Engineering (WISE) program in Washington, D.C, a policy education program sponsored by the major engineering societies. He has Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering and Science and Technology Studies (STS) degrees from Rensselaer and a doctorate in STS Virginia Tech.

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