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Meaghan Daly

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Meaghan Daly is a Ph.D. candidate in the Environmental Studies Program. Her dissertation research examines processes of co-production of knowledge for climate adaptation decision-making across institutional scales in Tanzania and East Africa.

Her broad research interests include science-society interactions and policy decision-making, with a focus on the production and use of knowledge for climate adaptation decision-making. Her work is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing on theoretical contributions from the policy sciences, science and technology studies, and political ecology.

Meaghan is a research assistant with the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research for the project Knowledge, Power, and the Co-production of Climate Information for Adaptation to Climate Change in Tanzania. Meaghan has also worked on the NOAA-funded Interactions of Drought and Climate Adaptation (IDCA) for Urban Water project, to examine how responses to short-term drought events impacts adaptive capacity to long-term climate change in cities across the U.S. Meaghan is a graduate affiliate of the International Collective on Environment, Culture, and Politics and student coordinator for the CU - Red Cross/Red Crescent Internship program. Prior to coming to CU, Meaghan was a technical advisor for the Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre, working in Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, and Malaysia to develop strategies to improve climate risk management in the humanitarian sector.

Meaghan holds an M.A. in Climate and Society from Columbia University and B.A. in Environmental Science from Colorado College.


Dilling, L., M. E. Daly, W. R. Travis, O. V. Wilhelmi, and R. A. Klein, 2015. The dynamics of vulnerability: Why adapting to climate variability will not always prepare us for climate change. Climate Change, doi: 10.1002/wcc.341, April 23.

Goldman, M. J., M. Daly, and E. J. Lovell, 2015. Exploring multiple ontologies of drought in agro-pastoral regions of Northern Tanzania: A topological approach. Area , doi: 10.1111/area.12212, Published July 24.