Ryan Meyer


Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes
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Ryan is a graduate student pursuing a Ph. D. in Biology at ASU's School of Life Sciences and the Consortium for Science Policy and Outcomes. He also serves as assistant editor of Science and Public Policy. He arrived in Arizona in the fall of 2005 after spending three years working as a Program Manager at the Earth Institute at Columbia University. Prior to that, he received his BA in Biology from Bowdoin College, where his focus was ecology and marine biology.

Ryan's most general interest is in connecting the production and use of knowledge for decision making. His current work at CSPO focuses on US climate science policy and how it contributes to overarching goals of communication and decision support. Important themes in this work include uncertainty, theories of knowledge value, research policy analysis, and modeling of natural and human systems.

Please visit Ryan's homepage at Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes.