william travis


William Travis

Associate Professor of Geography
Department of Geography
Guggenheim 110, 260 UCB
Boulder, Colorado 80309-0260


Please visit Bill's Travis' Geography departmental homepage for up-to-date information.

Bill Travis is an Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Colorado-Boulder and was Director of the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research from 2008-2013. His teaching and research focus on human behavior in the environment, including studies of the human dimensions of climate change, land use and the interaction of people and ecosystems. His current projects examine social response to extreme climate change, and persistent fallacies in how humans understand nature and react to natural processes. Please visit Bill's Geography departmental homepage.

Recent Publications

Travis, W. R., and M. T. Huisenga, 2013. The effect of rate of change, variability, and extreme events on the pace of adaptation to a changing climate. Climatic Change, September.

Travis, W. R., and Z. Johnson, 2013. Tracking Socioeconomic Impacts of Drought with Rapid Analytics and Dashboards. Western Water Assessment White Paper.

Klein, R., and W. R. Travis, 2012. Socioeconomic Impacts and Adaptation Strategies: Assessing Research on Drought, Climate Change and Recreation. Western Water Assessment White Paper.

Travis, W. R., and R. Klein, 2012. Socioeconomic Impacts and Adaptation Strategies: Assessing Research on Quantification of Drought Impacts. Western Water Assessment White Paper.

Travis, W.R., 2012. Extreme Events as Pacemaker of Adaptation to Climate Change, Adaptation Futures: 2012 International Conference on Climate Adaptation, Tucson, AZ.

Travis, W. R., K. Gangwer, and R. Klein, 2011. Assessing Measures of Drought Impact and Vulnerability in the Intermountain West. Western Water Assessment White Paper.

Kates, R.W., W.R. Travis, and T.J. Wilbanks, 2012. Transformational adaptation when incremental adaptations to climate change are insufficient. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (19) 7156-7161, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1115521109.

Travis, W.R., 2011. A Future of Mass Evacuations. New York Times, Published August 29.

Smith, J. B. and W. R. Travis, 2010. Adaptation to Climate Change in Public Lands Management. Resources for the Future, Issue Brief 10-04, February.

Travis, W., 2010. Going to Extremes: Propositions on the Social Response to Severe Climate Change. Climatic Change, Volume 98, Numbers 1-2, January.

Travis, W.R., 2007. New Geographies of the American West: Land Use and the Changing Patterns of Place. Island Press, 291 pp.

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