Yeonsang Hwang

Arkansas State University
Civil Engineering
LSW 249, P.O. Box 1740
State University, AR 72467

Yeonsang Hwang is currently an assistant professor of Civil Engineering at Arkansas State University. Yeonsang received his PhD in Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He graduated from Yonsei University in Korea where he finished his Masters degree in hydraulics.  Before he started his first year of PhD study at Colorado State University, he worked in the research institute of LG Engineering & Construction Co. (one of the major general contractors in Korea) for over 8 years.  During this period, he had mainly focused on the engineering works of various technologies in the construction field.  Yeonsang also participated in the task force project for developing a new wastewater treatment process through the problem-solving technique.  That technique was originally adopted from the Mckinsey consulting firm.