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Inside the Greenhouse

This figure tracks television news coverage of climate change or global warming on 4 US News segments (ABC News, CBS News, CNN News, and NBC News). Updated through May 2017. Through communications over past months, the research team at Vanderbilt has indicated to MeCCO that there is a delay between the airing and posting of archives. They reported that for these sources "it is as short as a week in other networks it can be much longer" and "While this is a problem, we are attempting to address, we cannot fix it rapidly". At the time of our last correspondence, the research team indicated that that priority is being placed on updating data from January 2016 at this time, but data from March 2014 onward remain incomplete. Therefore, these figures represent the best available data at this time; MeCCO will work to improve these as new data become available.

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Boykoff, M. Brulle, R., Andrews, K., and Nacu-Schmidt, A. (2017). US Television Coverage of Climate Change or Global Warming, 2000-2017. Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado, Web. [Date of access.]


Statement of Methods

Through the Vanderbilt University Television Archives, we monitor NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN news programming using the boolean search 'climate change or global warming'. This search includes news segments, program introductions, 'good night' segments and evening news, but does not include commercials or specials.