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Inside the Greenhouse

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Doug Kenney

Doug Kenney
University of Colorado Law School
322J Wolf Law Building
401 UCB
Boulder CO 80309-0401

Doug Kenney has been with the Natural Resources Law Center since 1996. He researches and writes extensively on several water-related issues, including law and policy reform, river basin and watershed-level planning, the design of institutional arrangements, water resource economics, and alternative strategies for solving complex resource issues. Dr. Kenney has served as a consultant to a variety of local, state, multi-state, and federal agencies, including several Interior Department agencies, EPA, the US Forest Service, and special commissions (e.g., the Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission); and national governments and non-governmental organizations in Asia and Africa. Additionally, he has made presentations in (at least) 19 states (and the District of Columbia), 7 nations, and 4 continents.

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