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Ogmius Newsletter

Job Opportunities

Congressman Ehlers is seeking candidates for two science positions.

The first position is Chairman's Designee on the Environment, Technology, and Standards Subcommittee (which Congressman Ehlers chairs) of the House Science Committee.  The person would be responsible for representing Congressman Ehlers' views on a wide range of issues within the Subcommittee's jurisdiction (this includes programs at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and science programs at the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, as well as other environmental science and technology issues).   The qualifications for the position include:  A Ph.D (preferably in the physical sciences) is preferred but not necessary, background in science policy (preferably with an emphasis in technology policy), strong writing and communication skills, and experience in the federal legislative process.

The second position is Legislative Assistant in Congressman Ehlers' personal office.  The person would be responsible for advising the Congressman and developing policy on all scientific issues that are before Congress.  In addition, the person would be responsible for staying abreast of developments in the different fields of science and briefing the Congressman on new issues or discoveries relevant to federal policy, working with the various scientific organizations on policy and scientific issues, and representing the Congressman's views to the scientific community.  The qualifications for the position include:  A Ph.D is required; background in science policy; strong writing, communication, and networking skills; ability to keep abreast of research in different fields of science; and experience in the federal legislative process.

Please e-mail resume and CV (as appropriate) to Cameron.wilson@mail.house.gov with the subject "Ehlers' Science Position".  No phone calls or faxes please.