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Photo of ShuttleFollowing the Columbia disaster (and the following flurry of interest), the Center created a Space Policy Resources page that includes articles written by Center staff and affiliates as far back as 1987, including Roger Pielke’s prescient “When, not if, we lose another shuttle, what then?” written September, 2002. 

Water, Climate and Uncertainty:
Implications for Western Water Law, Policy, and Management

Natural Resources Law Center logoThe Natural Resources Law Center of the University of Colorado Law School, in conjunction with the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, will be hosting its 24th annual water law conference June 11-13, 2003, at the law school.  The subject of this year’s conference is “Water, Climate, and Uncertainty.”  The following is the conference’s statement of purpose:

“Both short-term climate variability and long-term climate change can, and do, impact natural resources in a variety of significant ways. In the West, the most obvious concern is the impact on water supplies. While drought has garnered the headlines recently, the prospect of more fundamental long-term climate change poses even more dramatic challenges. Advances in climate science and forecasts offer increasingly valuable insights into what the future may hold for us and how our laws, institutions, and societies might have to adapt.

Exploring ways to meet this challenge is the subject of a 3-day conference aimed primarily at political, legal, academic, and resource management professionals seeking to learn from each other and from leading scientists.”

For more information and to register, visit the conference site.