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Roger Pielke addressed the ongoing debate over whether government should provide weather products and services for the broader public good or those in the private sector should be allowed to sell them in the marketplace in “The Great American Weather War,” Natural Hazards Observer Volume XXVII, July 2003.  Pielke concludes, “There is no magic bullet solution to issues arising over the provision of weather and climate services. Instead, progress will necessarily come from the exercise of leadership and community consensus. The NRC [National Research Council] and AMS [American Meteorological Society] have taken important steps in this direction.”

Best practices in prediction for decision making by Roger Pielke and Richard Conant is also now  available.  Pielke, Jr., R. A. and R. T. Conant, 2003: Best practices in prediction for decision making: lessons from the atmospheric and Earth sciences, Ecology, 84:1351-1358.

Bobbie Klein also has a publication just released.  Klein, R., 2003: Someone to Blame: Legal Liability for Weather Forecasts. Weatherwise Magazine, September/October.