Kevin M. Adams


Kevin M. Adams


Environmental Studies
University of Colorado
397 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0397

Kevin is an environmental sociologist, pursuing his Ph.D. in CU’s Department of Environmental Studies. His research revolves around the intersection of social and environmental systems, particularly with regard to global climate change policy. He uses political economic frameworks to understand the ways in which ecologically unequal exchange manifests at the global level, and is perpetuated by political, social, and economic structures. His work is highly quantitative, international, and often rooted in the theoretical work of Marx, Lenski, and Gramsci.

Outside of the classroom, Kevin is an explorer, spending his time traveling, backpacking, cycling, and writing.

Recent Publications and Presentations

Adams, K., and S. Marquart-Pyatt (2015). “A Crossroads for Environmental Sociology: Biophilia and Ecological Evolutionary Theory as Mid-Range Theories” Presentation at the American Sociological Association’s Annual Meeting, 2015.

Broto, V. C., Salazar, D., & Adams, K. (2014). Communities and urban energy landscapes in Maputo, Mozambique. People, Place, and Policy 8(3), 192-207. doi: 10.3351/ppp.0008.0003.0005

Gisholt, N., Alfonso, A., Adams, K., Cotter, J., and A. Redick (2014). “Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science: Creating World Scholars and Commendable Citizens.” Panel at the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies 36th Annual Meeting, “Interdisciplinary Public Problems, the Global Community, and Diversity.”

Adams, K., and S. Marquart-Pyatt (2014). “Biophilic Spaces and Sustainable Communities; lessons from two London case studies.” Presentation at Lund University’s “Centre of Excellence for Integration of Social and Natural Dimensions of Sustainability” conference.