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With this bibliography we are beginning the task of providing a single resource for published, peer-reviewed articles on the use and value of weather and climate forecasts. This area is a subset of the broader area of forecasting in the earth sciences, which you can learn more about in the Prediction in the Earth Sciences web site.

The bibliographies were put together based on searches of meteorological and geophysical abstracts, UnCover, and Dialog@CARL, including the following journals: Applied Social Science, Chemical Safety, Electric Power Data, Federal News Service, Harvard Business Review, Insurance Periodicals, Journal of Commerce, Science, and Thompson Risk Management.

We have organized the overall list of more than 500 entries into a set of "sub"-bibliographies in order to facilitate finding useful information. We recognize that there is much not included here and would like your help in making the bibliography as comprehenisive and up-to-date as possible. To that end, please send us relevant citations for inclusions in the bibliography.

Contributors who made the bibliography happen are Aaron Nutter (University of Colorado), Jen Oxelson (ESIG), and Bobbie Klein (ESIG).

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