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About us

Photo of a Carbon Cycle IssueHow might carbon cycle research under the US Global Change Research Program more effectively and efficiently address the needs and capabilities of actual or potential decision makers who use carbon cycle science? In order to answer this question, we are mapping the production of carbon cycle science, from the needs of those who make decisions to the scientists and agencies that supply scientific information and then back to the decision makers who might use the information.  By comparing the supply and demand sectors of carbon cycle science, we assess where linkages between the sectors are strong and where missed opportunities for linkage exist. In so doing, we identify questions and issues in need of additional research, and areas where additional research is unlikely to improve the connections of supply and demand. Our goal is to contribute to the effectiveness of both carbon cycle research and decision making related to the carbon cycle.

We held a workshop in Fort Collins Colorado on September 16-17, 2004. Click here for more information on the workshop or click here for the workshop report.