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Weather policy has two inter-related components. One is "policies or weather research and decision making." This includes government policies about weather research, forecast operations, and responses focused primarily on the National Weather Service, but more broadly constituted would include the Department of Agriculture, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Small Business Administration, and other agencies that deal with weather and its impacts. It also covers the private sector, notably including providers of weather information and the insurance industry. Of course, an important aspect of weather policy is the relationship between the public and private sectors.

A second component of weather policy is "weather research for decision making" and refers to the connections between research and the actions taken in preparation for and response to weather. This aspect of weather policy is variously called "forecast use and value" and "connections of research and operations." There is a small but significant body of literature in this area, but for the most part it has not been discussed in terms of policy as it has been in the climate and ocean areas.

The purpose of the list is to provide a forum for discussion and communication among those interested in the educational and research aspects of atmospheric sciences policy.

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