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Number 35, September 2002

Research Highlight

Risk Prediction Initiative (RPI)

The Risk Prediction Initiative (RPI) is a research and educational program of the Bermuda Biological Station for Research. The goal of the RPI is to facilitate a working relationship between climate scientists and businesses that can benefit from climate-related information and predictions. The RPI currently focuses on the link between hurricane research and the (re)insurance industry. The focus of RPI activities is determined through a continuing series of RPI workshops in which insurers and climate scientists identify new directions for insurance-relevant climate research. The RPI uses funds contributed by its industry partners to support this research, and creates communication tools that translate the research results into a format that insurers can use. Current RPI-funded research focuses on projects that improve hurricane landfall forecasts, use proxy signals to extend the documentary record of hurricane landfall, elucidate the link between tropical cyclones and climate variability, and promote development of a public risk model. Participation in the RPI provides climate scientists with funding and intellectual support for their work, and helps clarify how they can make their forecasts most useful to a business audience and to society. Insurers enhance their business via access to more accurate predictions of future hazards and catastrophes, and by gaining a better understanding of the science behind the predictions.

For more information, visit the RPI website.