Roger Pielke, Sr.

August 24th, 2005

Posted by: Roger Pielke, Jr.

For those of you following the latest climate science/politics tempest involving my father, Roger Pielke, Sr., here is a link to his blog where you can read his unfiltered perspectives on this and other matters. I may be a bit biased, but his site is worth a visit.

For those of you who may not have known that there are two Roger Pielke’s (Sr., him at Colorado State an atmospheric scientist, Jr., me at Colorado studying science policy) and are here by mistake, please feel free to come back to Prometheus after visiting his site.

One Response to “Roger Pielke, Sr.”

  1. Dylan Otto Krider Says:

    Thanks for this. I read that the other day and was wondering what was up.

    I usually play a game with “skeptics”, which is to ask them to name a climate scientist publishing research in peer-reviewed journals who doesn’t believe in anthropogenic warming. The most common answers who actually turn out to be practicing scientists are 1) Patrick Michaels, 2) Lindzen or 3) either Pielke. Lindzen testified before Congress antrhopogenic warming is occurring, and Michaels has said the same in interviews, and from this it looks like the same is true of the Pielkes.

    I have basically come up with five “non-starters” for debate. You must believe:

    1) Humans evolved.
    2) Human activity contributes to climate change.
    3) We have not found any WMD stockpiles in Iraq.
    4) Humans built the pyramids.
    5) No celebrity has ever checked themselves into the Betty Ford clinic for addiction to backpain medication.

    If you don’t accept any of these things, you’re too blinded to bother arguing with, unless it’s purely for my own amusement. I have some home schooling brochures to send you – good luck on becoming the new Amish.

    So, until we dig up a UFO in Egypt or some Nuke in Bagdhad, that’s pretty much where I’m at. If you’re with me on those things, I’m willing to have a nice conversation about domorcatizing the Middle East, Kyoto, anything you want (although, as a product of the Flamewar generation, I still reserve the right to engage in strawmen, hyperbole or Nazi analogies as the mood strikes me).