Science and Climate Actions Possible in First Days of Obama Administration

November 9th, 2008

Posted by: admin

The Washington Post reports in today’s edition that among the many changes in Executive Orders possible in the first days of the new administration could be an easing of the restrictions on stem cell research and permitting California to proceed with a waiver allowing the state to regulate carbon dioxide emissions.  Adjustments and revocations of Executive Orders are common during changes in administrations, and there are no doubt many signed by President Bush that would not sit well with the next President.

Many other possible changes, including some new proposals, are listed in the article, but the stem cell research restrictions and the California waiver issue are among the few that are either sourced by individuals willing to be named in the article, or connected to statements made by Senator Obama during the campaign.  Given the heavy message discipline of the campaign and of the transition so far, it is premature to assume anything is a certainty.  Additionally, as noted in the article, these decisions will involve consultations with relevant legislators and appointees, most of whom are not yet named.  Of course, you can go to the transition website and make your opinions heard.

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