White House Finally Appoints Chief Technology Officer

April 20th, 2009

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As part of his weekly internet and radio address, President Obama announced the appointment of Aneesh Chopra as his Chief Technology Officer.  This position is brand new (but often promised on the campaign), although there is a bill in Congress to establish the position on a more permanent basis.

Mr. Chopra is currently the Secretary of Technology for the State of Virginia.  The new Chief Information Offcier for the federal government, Mr. Vivek Kundra, worked in the same department earlier in his career.  The CTO position, as described in the address, would focus on promoting technological innovation in the support of government priorities.  In conjunction with the CIO, and newly appointed Chief Performance Officer, the CTO would also assist in the administration’s open government efforts, increasing the transparency and availability of data.

Aside from this being a brand new position, an interesting part of the job could be the responsibilities in the promotion of technological innovation.  This is a bit more targeted responsibility than what the Office of Science and Technology Policy has typically had with respect to technology.  There is the potential for a turf war here over technology, given an issue that would prompt interest from both parts of the Executive Office of the President.

One Response to “White House Finally Appoints Chief Technology Officer”

  1. David Bruggeman Says:

    Apparently the White House has an answer for the turf war possibility I mentioned. Mr. Chopra will be both an assistant to the president and an associate director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Presumably he would serve (once confirmed in this position) as the associate director for technology. Unfortunately, the OSTP website is woefully lacking in information.


    This means that both Dr. Holdren and Mr. Chopra would have direct access to the president.