Inside the Policy Sciences

December 15th, 2005

Posted by: Roger Pielke, Jr.

For those of you interested in the intra-community discussions among scholars who study policy, I have a paper just out (it has a 2004 date, but it is just released) in the journal Policy Sciences about the sustainability of the tradition of scholars who are self-described policy scientists, which is the community in which I received my graduate training in the early 1990s and a perspective that I continue to teach today. The paper is part of a special issue of the journal on the future of the Policy Sciences.

My view is that while the academic policy movement is perhaps as strong as ever, the tradition of the policy sciences proposed by the policy movement’s founder Harold Lasswell mid-twentieth century faces extinction. My essay motivated three lengthy responses and a chance for a rejoinder.

If you are interested in such stuff you can find the whole exchange here.

4 Responses to “Inside the Policy Sciences”

  1. Bob Says:


    Unfortunately it is not yet available at the link provided. The latest issue posted is Volume 38
    Numbers 2-3 / September 2005. I’d like to read it. Perhaps you can remind us again so we can look for it after the semster break.

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  3. Roger Pielke Jr. Says:

    Bob- Thanks for catching that, here is a link to the papers:

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  5. David Bruggeman Says:

    I don’t know if there’s enough interest, but I’d love to participate in a discussion on this material after I’ve had a chance to read the articles.

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  7. Roger Pielke Jr. Says:

    Dave- Thanks, I’d very much wvalue your comments. There are probably a few other folks here who would be interested in such a discussion as well.