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The Politics of Climate Change book cover

The Politics of Climate Change
A Survey

Edited by Maxwell Boykoff

Hardcover November 2009
Paperback August 2010

Creating a Climate for Change Creating a Climate for Change: Communicating Climate Change and Facilitating Social Change
Edited by Susanne C. Moser and Lisa Dilling

Paperback January 2008

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Bridges, OST's Publication on S&T Policy

Pielke's Perspective by Roger Pielke, Jr. Read the articles or listen to podcasts.

Editorships of Scholarly Journals

Ethics, Policy & Environment

Ethics, Policy & Environment
Edited by Benjamin Hale and Andrew Light

Associate Editors: David Boonin, Max Boykoff, Lisa Dilling, Alastair Norcross, Roger Pielke, Jr., William Travis, Steve Vanderheiden, Michael Zimmerman

Climatic Change

Climatic Change
Co- Editors: Michael Oppenheimer and Gary Yohe
Managing Editors: K. Kuntz-Duriseti and M. Mastrandrea

Deputy Editors: Maxwell Boykoff, Simon Donner, L.D. Danny Harvey, Naomi Oreskes, Norman J. Rosenberg, Massimo Tavoni