NSF/SBER Awards relating to Weather


Studies of information use in weather forecasting; e.g.,

SBR 9109594 – Expert Judgment in Weather Forecasting: Reliability, Validity and amount of Information; Tom Stewart, SUNY Albany

SBR 9106440 – HAILFINDER: Bayesian Prediction of Severe Weather; Ward Edwards, University of Southern California

SBR 8822319 – A Study of Expert Judgment in a Natural Setting; Tom Stewart, SUNY Albany


Policy, politics, and decision making relating to weather events

SBR 9710616 – Models, Data, Technology, and Politics: Climate Science in Historical Context; Paul Edwards, Institution: Stanford University

SBR 9708983 – Prediction in the Earth Sciences: Use and Misuse in Policy Making; Daniel E. Sarewitz, Geological Society of America

SBR 9618003 – Strategic Policy Innovation and Social Learning: Flood Hazard Mitigation, Recycling, and Air Quality in Tulsa, OK; Mark Meo, University of Oklahoma – Norman

SBR 9410749 – Monitoring Dangers in an Uncertain World; Michael Tumuz, University of Texas Health Science Center

SBR 9321150 – Reactions to Victims of the 1993 Mississippi Flood: The Political Psychology of Providing Disaster Relief; Linda Skitka, Southern Illinois University

SBR 9320926 – Water Demand and Price Elasticity during the California Drought; Ellen M. Pint, RAND Corporation

SBR 9212216 – Testing The "Drought Follows the Plow" Hypothesis; Will Swearingen & John Wilson, Montana State University

SBR 9109942 – Farm-level Decisions in the Face of Global Warming, Elke Weber, University of Chicago

SBR 9110462 – Architecture of Hybrid Decision Support System for Risk Management of Offshore Platforms, M. Elisabeth Pate-Cornell, Stanford University


Individual and social responses to weather events

SBR 9515377 – Social Trust, Narrative, and Risk Management; Timothy Earle and George Cvetkovich, Western Washington University

SBR 9321930 – Modeling Community Type in Hazardous Environment: Flood Disaster Study; Graham A. Tobin, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

SBR 9300956 – Young Children’s Reaction to a Natural Disaster: Memory and Stress; Lorraine E. Bahrick, Florida International University

SBR 9224872 – Assessing Human Responses to Hurricane Andrew; Donald J. Zeigler, Old Dominion University

SBR 9224838 – Public Response to Hurricane Andrew in South Florida: Evacuation and Home Construction; Earl J. Baker, Florida State University

SBR 9224588 – Hurricane Andrew: The Impact of Law and Social Control; Ronald L. Akers, University of Florida

SBR 9224538 – Psychological and Physiological Effects of a Natural Disaster; James G. Rotton, Florida International University

SBR 9224537 – Pre-Impact Preparedness and Post-Impact Restoration Activities Following Hurricane Andrew; Walter G. Peacock, Florida International University

SBR 9224444 – Social Resources Activated in Response to a Natural Disaster; Jeanne S. Hurlbert, Louisiana State University

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