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(papers presented at the workshop
sorted alphabetically by author)

Impacts of Temperature Extremes Adams, Christopher
Impacts of Weather on the VegetableProcessing Industry Allen, Robert
Trends in Hail in the United States Changnon, Stanley
"What is a Good Weather Forecast?"
in the eyes of a forecaster
Colman, Brad
Weather Impacts on Energy Activities in the U.S. Gulf Coast Epps, David
Tornadoes Golden, Joseph
The Estimated Impact of Weather on Daily Electric Utility Operations Keener, Ronald
An Overview of Lightning Safety Kithil, Richard
Some Thoughts on the Societal and Economic Impacts of Winter Storms Kocin, Paul
Some Dimensions of the Value of Weather Information: General Principles and a Taxonomy of Empirical Approaches Macauley, Molly
Decision Analysis Applied to Weather-Related Warning Systems McClelland, Gary
Description of the Project "Assessment of Research and Applications on Natural Hazards Mileti, Dennis
Trends in Floods Myers, Mary Fran
Impact of Weather on Health Parrish, Gib
Trends in Hurricane Impacts in the United States Pielke Jr., Roger
Impact of Weather on and Use of Weather Information by Commercial Airline Operations Qualley, Warren
Reducing Natural Disaster Losses: A Blueprint for Achievement Ryland, Harvey
The Meteorology of Surface Transportation Smith, Michael
Descriptive Decision Studies of the Societal Impactsof Weather and Climate Information Stewart, Thomas
Weather Impacts in Canada Street, Roger
Debris Flow Warning Systems, An Opportunity for the National weather Service Zeizel, Arthur

Societal Aspects of Weather

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