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Anna Kukkonen


Anna Kukkonen

Center for Science and Technology Policy Research
1333 Grandview Ave. 
UCB 488
Boulder, CO 80309-0488

Tel: 303-735-0451


Anna Kukkonen is a Fulbright visiting scholar at the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research. Anna’s PhD research deals with comparative climate change politics, comparing media debates on climate change in five different countries: the US, Canada, Brazil, India and Finland. More specifically, she is interested in examining the formation of advocacy coalitions, the centrality of international organisations and the role of different moral justifications in the climate change debates in these diverse political-economic contexts.

Anna was awarded a Fulbright Graduate Grant to continue her PhD research at the University of Colorado Boulder where she aims to develop her knowledge on environmental governance, science-policy interactions and media's role in the politics of climate change. Anna holds a Master’s degree in Sociology from University of Helsinki where she also begun her graduate studies in 2014. She has specialized in comparative and political sociology but has recently become increasingly interested in combining comparative sociology with the study of public policy.

Anna is part of the international research project Comparing Climate Change Policy Networks (COMPON) which analyzes cross-country differences in climate change responses and currently includes 20 countries. She has been involved in the COMPON project for almost 4 years, collaborating with research teams around the world by sharing data, developing common research protocols and publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals.