Paty Romero-Lankao


Paty Romero-Lankao

Research Applications Laboratory
Climate Science & Applications Program
National Center for Atmospheric Research

Tel: 303-497-8104


Paty is a "interdisciplinary sociologist" by training and has worked with scholars and decision makers at local, national and international scales.  

Paty has been a research Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Reasearch (NCAR) and is currently leading the "Urban Futures" initiative there.  

She is acutely aware that cities are key players in the climate arena as emitters of greenhouse gases, vulnerability hotspots and crucibles of innovation, and her research explores the dynamics of urbanization and urban systems that shape urban emissions, vulnerabilities and risk. Paty has done research on why and how particular cities attempt to meet the challenges of reducing emissions while improving their response capacity (resilience) to environmental impacts in the context of broader development concerns.

Along with other scientists at NCAR and internationally, Paty is currently designing urban-scale interdisciplinary studies that inform and are informed by global-scale interdisciplinary research.

In addition to her research work, Paty has participated in global and local endeavors promoted by IPCC, UNDP, IAI and UN-HABITAT. She was co-leading author to Working Group II of the Nobel prize-winning IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) and is currently convening author of IPCC: AR5, North American chapter. Although Paty was born in Mexico, she considers herself to be a citizen of the world. Paty cares deeply about her family and friends, but she is also passionately engaged in finding options to move humankind toward a more sustainable, resilient and fair future.