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Ogmius Newsletter

Intro to Ogmius Exchange

Robert PalmerThis issue of Ogmius features an essay by Robert Palmer, Democratic Staff Director of the Committee on Science, U.S. House of Representatives, 1993 – 2004, about the current state of science policy in Congress.  The essay derives from a talk Palmer gave at the University of Colorado-Boulder on April 18 titled “Science, Policy, and Politics: A View from the Hill.”  The talk was part of the Center’s Presidential Science Advisor lecture series, (see Center Project News for more information about the series).  A copy of the speech, as well as a webcast and recording, are available online.

Palmer’s essay explores the reasons behind the current lack of a consistent, focused debate about the role of S&T in meeting broader national goals, as well as the effects of this lack of focus on S&T legislation, matters of congressional oversight, and finding solutions to some of the more pressing problems of the day.

The October issue of Ogmius will feature a companion piece by David Goldston, Republican Chief of Staff for the House Committee on Science.  Stay tuned…