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Ogmius Newsletter

Center Staff in the News

Photo of newspapersRoger Pielke, Jr. was cited, quoted, referenced, or interviewed with regard to Hurricane Katrina in the Nashua Telegraph, Der Spiegel, the Washington Times, Nature, Chronicle of Higher Education, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, The Trumpet, Wisconsin Technology Network, the AP, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Rocky Mountain News, The Times, Fortune, Minnesota Public Radio, Capital Times, Daily Camera, Sun Herald, Colorado Daily, LA Times, National Review, Forbes, and On Point.

Roger Pielke, Jr. was quoted or cited on NPR and in the Denver Post, Science News, AP, Science Magazine, New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, Travel Weekly, and Nature about hurricanes and global warming.

Roger Pielke, Jr. was quoted in an AFP wire story and the New York Times on the space shuttle program.

Roger Pielke, Jr. was quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education on the politics of the "hockey stick" issue in climate science.

Roger Pielke, Jr.s Prometheus blog was quoted in an LA Times article "Disaster Costs Spark Global Warming Debate.

Center faculty affiliate Tom Yulsman was interviewed on Utah Public Radio's Midday Utah program.

Center faculty affiliate Tom Yulsman had an op-ed on global warming science and policy in the Denver Post.

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