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Roger Pielke, Jr. and Rad Byerly to speak at 2006 Gordon Research Conference on Science and Technology Policy August 13-18

Roger Pielke, Jr. will lead a panel discussion with David Guston and Robert Lempert titled “Decision making in a world of uncertainty.”


Uncertainty means that more than one outcome is consistent with one's understandings. Often decision makers seek to reduce uncertainty in hopes of clarifying understandings of the relationship between alternative possible courses of action and their outcomes. Science too focuses on reducing uncertainty. This convergence on uncertainty makes for a convenient marriage of science and decision making. But there are times when the marriage is strained, such as when policy makers substitute science for action in cases where uncertainty is irreducible or when scientists coalesce around a gridlocked political debate, when effective policy making might require new policy options be introduced into debate. This closing session will focus on case studies in which decision making under uncertainty is examined from the perspectives of science, policy and politics.

Rad Byerly will participate in a session titled “What is science and technology policy?”  He will address “What are the issues involved with science for policy versus policy for science?”

For more information visit the Gordon Conference website.

Roger Pielke Jr. to Speak at "Climate Change and the Future of the American West" Conference June 8 and 9 at the University of Colorado

Roger Pielke, Jr., will moderate a session June 8 at 2:00 pm titled “Finding Solutions, State and Local Initiatives,” and will participate in a panel on June 9 at 10:45 am titled “’Doing Something’” About Climate Change.  Taking the Long View: Climate Change and the Future of the American West.”  Both events are part of the “Climate Change and the Future of the American West” conference sponsored by the Natural Resources Law Center at the University of Colorado.  For more information see the workshop website.

Faculty Affiliate Lisa Keränen Wins Award

Faculty affiliate Lisa Keränen (as first author) and her co-authors won the Wrage-Baskerville award for their paper: "Myth, Mask, Sword, and Shield": Dr. John H. Marburger III's Rhetoric of Neutral Science for the Nation,” judged this year's best in the large public address division.  The paper was based on a lecture given by Dr. Marburger as part of the Center’s presidential science advisor lecture series.

See Keränen, Lisa, Lisa Irvin, Jason Lesko, and Alison Vogelaar, “‘Myth, Mask, Sword, and Shield’: Dr. John H. Marburger III’s Rhetoric of Neutral Science for the Nation.” Paper to be presented at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association, San Antonio, Texas: Nov., 2006. Winner of the 2006 Wrage-Baskerville Award for Top Paper in Public Address.

CIRES Outstanding Service Award

Photo of Bobbie, Ami and Linda receiving award.The Center’s Ami Nacu-Schmidt, Linda Pendergrass, and Bobbie Klein have received the CIRES Outstanding Service Award for their efforts in organizing the presidential science advisor lecture series.

Coping with Climate Change: A Symposium Highlighting Activities at the University of Colorado to Help Decision Makers Prepare for the Future

Bobbie Klein organized a symposium titled "Coping with Climate Change: A Symposium Highlighting Activities at the University of Colorado to Help Decision Makers Prepare for the Future."  Held on April 4 and sponsored by the Western Water Assessment, the symposium featured ten presentations about climate change-related activities at CU.  Click here for more information and to view the presentations visit the symposium website.

Center Website Visitation Way Up

In March 2006, an average of approximately 10,000 people visited the Center’s website (sciencepolicy.colorado.edu) each day.  Website traffic has grown steadily since the Center’s inception.  Our site received an average of 325 unique visitors per day in 2002, approximately 750 visitors per day in spring 2003, 1,000 visitors per day in spring 2004, and approximately 2800 visitors in spring 2005.

Prometheus Kudos

A recent article in Science about the “blogging” phenomenon, Environmental Science Adrift in the Blogosphere, by Alison Ashlin and Richard J. Ladle, referred to the Center’s weblog, Prometheus, as an example of one of ten “excellent, informative” science blogs.