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Recent Prometheus Blogs

Center staff members and students, as well as guest writers, have contributed many provocative posts to our science policy weblog, Prometheus.  The following is a sample of recent posts (feedback/contributions welcome):

June 12, 2007
Aren't new problems always old problems? 
by Kevin Vranes

Congress is back at trying to reform the problematic National Flood Insurance Program. What's curious is the claim that NFIP's problems are recent and related to the 2005 hurricane season… Read more.

June 11, 2007
A little percolation on energy policy
by Kevin Vranes

Two things I noted today:

1- From the No S#%@! category, the Bush Administration seems eager to let everybody know that there will be no movement whatsoever on regulating carbon until January 2009 at the earliest. If you caught even a bit of the G8 news you already knew that (and somebody got me saying as much before G8). But apparently the Bush Administration wants to drive the point home, so last week they turned EPA Administrator Johnson loose at a House hearing… Read more.

June 6, 2007
Curious quote from the recalcitrant
by Kevin Vranes

It's nothing new: rather than make better cars Detroit would lobby. So it's no surprise that the big-3 chiefs are running to DC together to beg that they not be held to even the most milquetoast efficiency regulations. What is curious, though, is GM's CEO's choice of words… Read more.