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Recent Prometheus Blogs

Center staff members and students, as well as guest writers, have contributed many provocative posts to our science policy weblog, Prometheus.  The following is a sample of recent posts (feedback/contributions welcome):

August 29, 2007
Twenty years of public opinion about global warming
by Kevin Vranes

Matt Nisbet has a good paper out now about polling results on global warming…The polling supports what we've been saying for a while: the public is there. They believe (even if they think the scientific consensus isn't as strong as it really is)… Read more.

September 7, 2007
Advice Requested for Survey Analysis
Guest Submission by Hans von Storch and Dennis Bray

In the following we outline a research strategy to characterize sub-groups of climate scientists; the idea is to first propose a short operational list of certain interesting, mostly exclusive but not complete subgroups; these are related to three general criteria.

At this time we ask for comments on both the list of the four categories and on the three general criteria. When we have come to a conclusion with regard to the list and to these criteria, we will try to map the responses collected in our surveys of climate scientists to these groups and criteria – with the idea that in this way we may describe the a host of views , conceptions and perceptions held by these different groups… Read more.