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Ogmius Newsletter

Center in the News

Center personnel continue to receive national media attention on a variety of topics.

Lisa Dilling received press coverage for her role as co-lead on the US Climate Change Science Programís recent study of the carbon cycle:

North America carbon debt soars, study says, by Bill Scanlon, 14 Nov. 2007 Rocky Mountain News.

Report: N. America oversaturated in CO2, by Patrick O'Driscoll, 13 Nov. 2007 USA Today.

Report: Carbon Removal Has Little Impact, 13 Nov. 2007 Associated Press

Government Science Panel Publishes Report on North Americaís Carbon Budget, 13 Nov. 2007 NOAA press release.

Roger Pielke, Jr.ís views on climate change policy, science policy, and other topics were quoted in the following media:

At Bali climate change meeting, a hard look at Kyoto, by Peter N. Spotts, 10 Dec. 2007 Christian Science Monitor.

Climate scientists debunk claim of increasing storms, by Hallie Woods, 7 Dec. 2007 Coloradoan.

Are Words Worthless in the Climate Fight?, by Andrew C. Revkin, 3 Dec. NY Times blog.

The Ice Man: When Al Gore and other global-warming experts want to come in out of the cold, they turn to Boulderís Konrad Steffen, by Joel Warner, 6 Dec. 2007 Newsreview.com.

Speculation Elimination: Did the Bush administration really censor science?, by Paul Georgia, 29 Nov. 2007 National Review.

How Urgent Is Climate Change?, by Richard A. Kerr, 23 Nov. 2007 Science.