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S&T Opportunities

Public Affairs Quarterly Call For Submissions

Public Affairs QuarterlyPublic Affairs Quarterly is planning a special issue on "Science and Public Affairs."  We seek submissions on any topic addressing questions of the role of science and technology in public and social policy.  Of special interest are papers addressing questions of genetic enhancement, science education, the role of scientific evidence in the law, and the social responsibilities of scientists.

Please send an electronic copy of the paper t Robert Talisse at robert.talisse@vanderbilt.edu, and a hardcopy to:

Robert Talisse
Editor PAQ
Philosophy Department
111 Furman Hall
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37240

Postdoctoral Association Position, Center for Nanotechnology in Society
at Arizona State University

Arizona State University logoThe Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University (CNS-ASU) seeks to fill one POST-DOCTORAL ASSOCIATE position in the societal implications of nano-scale science and engineering (NSE) starting Fall 2009.  The post-doctoral associate will hold the title of coordinator for private sector outreach and will collaborate with CNS-ASU researchers on the Centerís private sector outreach activities.  S/he will also perform significant independent research on issues pertaining to NSE and the private sector and contribute to educational programs.  The fellowship is available for one year and renewable for additional years.  For more information see the position description.

Associate Director, Washington, DC Office, Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes, Arizona State University

CSPO logoThe Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes at Arizona State University (CSPO-ASU) seeks an Associate Director for the Washington, DC office to help implement an agenda of science policy analysis, engagement, and education applicable to a broad range of critical social policy challenges. The incumbent will assess opportunities across the policy community in the Washington, DC area, developing relationships with key science policy actors, to design and manage the Washington, DC office-based projects.  For more information see the position description.

CSTPR Jobs pageCSTPR Jobs Page

Please see other recent job postings on our Jobs page:

  • Point Carbon, Managing Director Advisory Services
  • Stockholm Environment Institute, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Swedish Forestry Policy Analysis

Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research Symposium
13-20 March 2010
Saguaro Lake Ranch, AZ

DISCCRS logoThe Dissertations Initiative for the Advancement of Climate Change Research (DISCCRS, pronounced discourse), connects natural and social scientists engaged in research related to climate change, impacts and solutions. The goal is to broaden perspectives and establish a collegial peer network to address climate challenges at the interface of science and society. A report and list of participants from the most recent symposium is available on the DISCCRS website.

During the week-long symposium -- held in the Tonto National Forest near Phoenix, Arizona -- participants will present and discuss their research, hone interdisciplinary communication and team skills, and discuss emerging research, societal and professional issues with each other and with established researchers invited to serve as mentors. Confirmed mentors include Julia E. Cole (University of Arizona), Jonathan T. Overpeck (University of Arizona), Billie L. Turner (Arizona State University), and David A. Randall (Colorado State University).

Participation will be limited to thirty-four early career scholars identified by an interdisciplinary committee of research scientists based on review of submitted applications.

Application Deadline
31 August 2009
Participation limited to thirty-four early career scholars
Airfare and on-site expenses supported by the National Science Foundation
DISCCRS website

PhD requirements completed April 1, 2007 - July 31, 2009. Selection will favor applicants who plan to engage in interdisciplinary research careers in any subject within or relevant to climate change, its impacts and solutions. We encourage applicants from the natural and social sciences, economics, mathematics, engineering, or any other field so long as the research focus relates to climate change, its impacts or solutions. While the emphasis is on the U.S. research system, we welcome applicants from all countries who are interested in learning about the U.S. research system and connecting with U.S. researchers.

Symposium Application instructions

Register your PhD dissertation and search for other recent climate change dissertations
(over 900 PhDs have added their dissertation abstract on climate change to this database).

Electronic newsletter
with jobs and other time-sensitive announcements is available to those who register dissertations.

Public webpage
includes the dissertation registry, numerous early career resources, and symposium application instructions.

Society Sponsors

Ronald B. Mitchell, University of Oregon; Paul H. Yancey, Whitman College; Jennifer R. Marlon, University of Oregon; and Ruth A. Ladderud, Whitman College.

This Symposium is funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation through grants to the University of Oregon and Whitman College.


For a printable color poster of information about DISCCRS V in PDF format, please click here.