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Ogmius 10TH
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Fran Hollender

Fran HollenderIn the fall of 2011, I was a visiting graduate student at CSTPR to conduct research for my Master’s thesis. When I first asked Roger [Pielke, Jr.] whether he thought there would be an opportunity for me to come to Boulder for a semester, I had no idea that my stay would change my career choices.

Coming over from the University of Vienna I was new to American academic culture, but the relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the Center immediately put me at ease. From the regular organized colloquia to the productive personal consultations my time there helped me broaden my horizon. I was able to make use of the excellent resources and engage in interesting discussions and hear about topics I would have never considered!

During my short stay I got to know many interesting people who helped me in various ways. There was always someone to help me with administrative issues, give me feedback on my writings or just brainstorm – or pick up coffee from Starbucks! (thanks Bill!) Of course, the amazing setting of Boulder also helped make my stay awesome. Up until last summer I actually hated hiking – but living next to the Mount Sanitas trailhead and seeing the Flatirons every day on the way to the office turned that completely around. After I returned to Vienna, I decided to pursue a Ph.D. after finishing my Master’s degree this year.

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In the end, I have not only made new friends and spent a great time in one of the best cities I’ve lived in so far, but also found the encouragement and motivation to set higher academic goals for myself than I’d ever imagined. I am thankful for having had the opportunity and look forward to seeing everyone again!

Fran Hollender, CSTPR 2011 visiting graduate student, M.A. Science, Technology and Society 2012, University of Vienna.