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Ogmius Newsletter
Introduction to the Ogmius Exchange

As our society becomes more and more dependent on information technology for everything from banking transactions to storing vital records, we also become increasingly vulnerable to security breaches such as viruses, worms, and other malicious code.   Besides causing untold headaches to users, these breaches can take a heavy toll on our economy.  Microsoft recently offered a $5 million “bounty” for information leading to the arrest of virus writers.  But what about the government’s role in responding to cybersecurity breaches?

This month’s Ogmius Exchange, by Center faculty affiliates Phil Weiser (Telecommunications, Law) and Doug Sicker (Telecommunications, Computer Science), explores some of the legal and policy questions that arise when the government decides to respond to cybersecurity breaches.  Weiser and Sicker conclude that the increasing concern by government is a healthy development.  However, government needs to “strike the right balance between pressuring businesses to address the problem and not dictating particular technological approaches that could potentially thwart the development of new technologies.”

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