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Images from our Center Talks: 2004

Photo of Tom Yulsman
Photo of Shep Ryen
Tom Yulsman - December 6, 2004
"Journalism Values vs. Science Values: an uneasy match"
Shep Ryen - October 11, 2004
"Fate of the Hubble Space Telescope"
Photo of Craig Roseberry
Photo of Phil Weiser
Craig Roseberry - Sept. 22, 2004
"Army Space Policy: History, Organization, and Future"
Phil Weiser - May 24, 2004
" Standard Setting and the Digital Television Saga"
Photo of Betsy Weatherhead

Photo of Jerry Peterson
Dr. Betsy Weatherhead - May 10
"Detecting Trends in Environmental Data"
Jerry Peterson - April 19, 2004
"Doctrines and policies following WMD attacks"
Photo of Manual Lujan
Photo of Joel Gratz
Manuel Lujan - March 16, 2004
"The role of science in decision making"
Joel Gratz - March 1, 2004
"Striking Back! Protecting Spectators from Lightning in Large Stadiums"
Photo of Tom Chase

Photo of James Watts
Tom Chase - February 16, 2004
"Downscaling climate model information to guide mitigation strategies"
James Watt - February 10, 2004
"The role of science in decision making"