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Clean Cooking ISN Grant

Proposal Information

"Prices, Peers, and Perceptions: Opportunities for Scaling Up LPG Adoption in Northern Ghana." Clean Cooking Implementation Science Network, Fogarty International Center, NIH. $300,000. 2016-2018. PI: Abraham Oduro; Co-PIs: Katherine Dickinson, Maxwell Dalaba

Proposal Summary

The government of Ghana has set the ambitious goal of expanding LPG access to 50% of the country by 2020, but currently LPG access varies widely, with the northern reaches of the country having some of the lowest LPG adoption rates. The "Prices, Peers, and Perceptions" project is located in the Kassena-Nankana Districts of northern Ghana, where only 7% of households were using LPG as their main cooking fuel as of 2013. This collaborative implementation science project begins, first, with supply- and demand-side analyses. On the supply side, the project team will analyze barriers to LPG distribution and how they might be overcome; while on the demand side they will explore the role of PRICES (upfront fixed cost of stoves and variable cost of fuel, as well as credit and savings constraints), PEERS (information and encouragement from social contacts), and PERCEPTIONS (safety, health benefits, suitability for cooking local dishes) on LPG adoption decisions. The team will also conduct a series of experiments to evaluate willingness-to-pay (WTP) for different LPG intervention packages. In these experiments, intervention packages comprised of different combinations of cylinder refilling options (status quo vs. cylinder recirculation with home delivery); refill vouchers; and financing options (lump sum vs. payment plan) will be presented to participants. Follow-up work to measure stove use, fuel stacking, and perceptions of LPG will be used to determine the effectiveness of the interventions toward the goal of expanding LPG adoption and sustained use in the region.

Study Design