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Project Funding


Rathmann Family Foundation

The Rathmann Family Foundation donated $10,000 to the CU Foundation to support the P3 project activities. Specifically, funds will be used to support our team's work investigating the environmental impacts and social feasibility of scaling up adoption of cleaner cooking technologies in Ghana and beyond. Globally, nearly 3 billion people cook over open fires using wood and other solid fuels. This practice impacts environmental quality at multiple scales, from local air pollution and human health impacts, to deforestation, to global climate change. The work that Dr. Dickinson leads in collaboration with the Navrongo Health Research Center in Northern Ghana is testing various improved stoves that could help to alleviate these problems, including both more efficient wood-burning stoves and much cleaner liquified petroleum gas (LPG) stoves. Results help to understand users' needs and demands for improved stoves, and to identify effective strategies for increasing the supply of appropriate technologies. The team works collaboratively with other research and policy-focused groups including the Colorado Cookstove Collaborative, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, the National Institutes of Health's Clean Cooking Implementation Science Network, and the Global LPG Partnership, such that lessons learned from our work are shared broadly in the global effort to reduce reliance on inefficient and harmful cooking practices.