Contentious Geographies: Environmental Knowledge, Meaning, Scale

Contentious Geographies: Environmental Knowledge, Meaning, Scale

Edited by Michael K. Goodman, Maxwell T. Boykoff, and Kyle T. Evered

Table of Contents

Foreword; Preface; Contentious geographies: environmental knowledge, meaning, scale
Michael K. Goodman, Maxwell T. Boykoff and Kyle T. Evered

Part 1

Translating Contentious Environmental Knowledge and Science: The contentious world of Jared Diamond's Collapse
Tim Forsyth

Fight semantic drift!? Mass media coverage of anthropogenic climate change
Maxwell T. Boykoff

Whose scarcity? The hydrosocial cycle and the changing waterscape of La Ligua river basin, Chile
Jessica Budds

Part 2

Conflicting and Shifting Environmental Knowledges, Livelihoods, and Power: 'Environmentality' in Rajasthan's groundwater sector: divergent environmental knowledges and subjectivities
Trevor L. Birkenholtz

Discursive spearpoints: contentious interventions in Amazonian indigenous environments
Logan A. Hennessy.

Part 3

Environmental Movements: Contested (Re)Scaling of Knowledges, Problems and Narratives: Confronting invisibility: reconstructing scale in California's pesticide drift conflict
Jill Harrison

Scale and narrative in the struggle for environment and livelihood in Vieques, Puerto Rico
Karen Schmelzkopf

Making local places GE-free in California's contentious geographies of genetic pollution and coexistence
Dustin Mulvaney

Part 4

Contested Production of Environmental Science, Law, and Knowledge: Regional power and the power of the region: resisting dam removal in the Pacific Northwest
Eve Vogel

Law of regions: mining legislation and the construction of East and West
Johanna Haas

Part 5

Fraught Spatial Technologies and Knowledge Construction: Mapping boundaries, shifting power: the socio-ethical dimensions of participatory mapping
Jefferson Fox, Krisnawati Suryanata, Peter Hershock and Albertus Hadi Pramono

Competing and conflicting social constructions of 'land' in South Africa: the case of and implications for land reform
Brent McCusker