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Creating a Climate for Change:
Communicating Climate Change and Facilitating Social Change

Reviews and News

November 2007
Everyone Talks About Climate: Here's How To Do Something About It
Ecology, Vol. 88, No. 11

October 2007
Psychology and the planet
The Psychologist, Vol. 20, No. 10

20 March 2007
The news that didn't fit - into the Broadly misleading NYT article
The Post-Normal Times

5 March 2007
Creating a Climate for Change on Global Warming
Environmental Journalism Now Blog

March 2007
Acting to reduce climate change
University of Colorado Alumni Association

25 February 2007
Where we stand on global warming
The Register-Guard

22 February 2007
Newspaper scare headlines can be counter-productive

18 February 2007
Americans Believe Global Warming Is Real, Want Action, But Not As A Priority
Science Daily

16 February 2007
More Communication Of Climate Change Science Won't Spur Problem Solving, Says CU Researcher
University of Colorado News