The Honest Broker

The Politics of Climate Change
A Survey

by Maxwell Boykoff


'This edited volume comes at a critical time in the international negotiations on climate change.While progress on climate policy since the 1990s has not been rapid, the picture is now changing quickly.Time is short to agree the national and international climate policies that will puts us on path to achieving a 50 per cent reduction in annual global emission flows relative to 1990 by 2050. Equity issues rightly remain at the forefront of the negotiations, and this volume provides several stimulating perspectives on important political aspects of the global climate negotiations.'
Lord Nicolas Stern, IG Patel Chair and Director, LSE Asia Research Centre

'These essays on the politics of climate change provide timely and thoughtful insights into the theory and practice of climate science, climate politics, mitigation and adaptation. They are essential reading for those interested in international climate policy as well as the everyday cultural politics of public responses to climate change.'
Professor Diana Liverman, Institute of the Environment, University of Arizona, and Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford