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Presidential Science Advisors

Presidential Science Advisors:
Perspectives and Reflections on Science, Policy and Politics

Table of Contents

Part I Overview and Critique of Presidential Science Advising: Introduction

1 Science, Politics, and Two Unicorns: An Academic Critique of Science Advice
David H. Guston


Part II The Science Advisors in Their Own Words

2 Science Advice in the Johnson White House
Donald Hornig

3 Science, Politics and Policy in the Nixon Administration
Edward David, Jr.

4 Science and Technology in the Carter Presidency
Frank Press and Philip M. Smith

5 Policy, Politics and Science in the White House (The Reagan Years)
George A. Keyworth II

6 Science Advice to President Bill Clinton
John H. Gibbons

7 Threats to the Future of US Science and Technology
Neal Lane

8 Science Advice in the George W. Bush Administration
John H. Marburger III


Part III A View from the Hill: Introduction

9 Science Advice in the Congress?

10 Science, Policy and Politics: A View from Capitol Hill
(Twenty Years of Schoolin’ and They Put You on the Day Shift)


Part IV Synthesis and Critique

11 The Rise and Fall of the President’s Science Advisor
Roger Pielke, Jr. and Roberta Klein