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Welcome to the Climate Change and Disaster Losses Workshop
Understanding and Attributing Trends and Projections

The economic costs of weather-related disasters have increased dramatically in recent decades. However, experts disagree about the reasons for this increase. Some think that the trend can be explained entirely by the ever-growing numbers of people and value of property in harms way. Others think that human-caused climate changes have led to more frequent and intense weather events and therefore account for some part of the increased damage.

The Center for Science and Technology Policy Research and the Geo Risks Research Department at Munich Re co-organized a workshop to bring together a diverse group of international experts in the fields of climatology and disaster research. The general questions to be answered at this workshop were:

  • What factors account for increasing costs of weather related disasters in recent decades?
  • What are the implications of these understandings, for both research and policy?

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Final workshop report is now available.
Click here for a Short Brochure.

Our goal is to prepare a report of the workshop that represents a state-of-the-art perspective.

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