CSTPR has closed May 31, 2020: Therefore, this webpage will no longer be updated. Individual projects are or may still be ongoing however. Please contact CIRES should you have any questions.

Knowledge, Power and the Coproduction of Climate Information for Adaptation to Climate Change in Tanzania

Lisa Dilling

Lisa Dilling, Meaghan Daly, Mara Goldman and Eric Lovell are conducting a project that aims to improve understanding of processes to effectively link climate information and adaptation at national and local scales in Tanzania.  The approach is to explicitly recognize and examine the ways in which the varying epistemological traditions and relations of power among vulnerable communities, disaster management professionals, and climate experts influence the perceived value of climate information for improved early warning and climate adaptation. The primary research question is “what processes or institutions can support improved application of technical climate information to facilitate successful adaptation to climate related disasters?”  This research draws upon theoretical contributions from the fields of science policy, disaster research, science and technology studies (STS), and political ecology to support a mixed-methods research approach to explore practices and modes of engagement that may best facilitate the production of usable science that can be successfully integrated within adaptation decision-making and policy development processes.  This project is supported by the NSF, CU Seed Grant Fund and the USAID.