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John Berggren


John Berggren

Center for Science and Technology Policy Research
1333 Grandview Avenue
UCB 488
Boulder, CO 80309-0488

Tel: 303-735-0451
Fax: 303-735-1576

John is a PhD student in Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado, with a secondary focus on water policy. His academic research will be on western water policy and governance, with a focus on the Colorado River. For the CSTPR, John is working with Lisa Dilling on the Framework for Assessing Stakeholder Needs for Climate Information project. John holds a B.A. in Public Health Studies from the Johns Hopkins University, and a M.H.S. in Environmental Health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.


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Berggren, J. (2012). Analysis of Documented Needs for Climate Information in the Missouri River Basin. WWA Report.