CSTPR has closed May 31, 2020: Therefore, this webpage will no longer be updated. Individual projects are or may still be ongoing however. Please contact CIRES should you have any questions.

Max Boykoff

Current Graduate Students

Patrick ChandlerPatrick Chandler

MS Student, ENVS

(with Beth Osnes)

David OonkDavid Oonk

PhD Student, ATLAS TAM program

Jeremiah Osborne-GoweyJeremiah Osborne-Gowey

PhD Student, ENVS
Co-Supervisor (with Amanda Carrico) 

Emily RubyOlivia Pearman

PhD Student, ENVS

A Note for Prospective Graduate Students

If you are considering applying to the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Colorado and would like to work with me, please send an email with these three attachments:

  1. A C.V.
  2. A description of why you’d like to enroll in the Environmental Studies program, and work in my research group
  3. A statement about how your research interests may relate to one of these two research projects (where I am currently interested in advising students):

Former Graduate Students

Marisa McNattMarisa McNatt

PhD Student, Environmental Studies Program, 2012-2018

Thesis: Lessons Learned for U.S. Offshore Wind Energy Development: Case-Study Comparison of Offshore Wind Policy and Planning in Rhode Island and New Jersey

Emily RubyEmily Ruby

MS Student, Environmental Studies Program, 2016-2018

Thesis: Analysis of California’s Formative Energy Storage Policy

 Co-Supervisor (with Suzanne Tegen) 

Sofia CorleySofia Corley

Undergraduate Honors, Environmental Studies Program, 2017-2018

Senior Honors Thesis: Measuring Progress: Methods of Success in Endangered Species Conservation Programs

Marilyn AverillMarilyn Averill

PhD Student, Environmental Studies Program

Lucy McAllisterLucy McAllister

PhD Student, Environmental Studies Program, 2011-2017
Thesis: Blind Spots - Multinational Electronics Firms, Impression Management, and the Harms of the Electronics Commodity Chain

Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor and Lewis Institute Fellow at Babson College

Rebecca PageRebecca Page

MS Student, Environmental Studies Program, 2016-2017 Co-Supervisor (with Lisa Dilling)
Thesis: Finding New Ground for Advancing Hydro-Climatic Information Use and Adaptive Capacity Among Water Systems

Current Position: Project Director, Earth Economics

Mike HenryMichael Henry

MS and PhD Student, Environmental Studies Program, 2011-2017
Thesis: Contextualizing the Congressional Response to Global Climate Change - A Synthesis of Scientific, Ethical and Policy Perspectives

Current Position: Director of Science Policy, American Institute of Physics

Xi WangXi Wang

MS Student, Environmental Studies Program, 2012-2014
Thesis: The Emergence of the Renewable Portfolio Standard in the US - A Case Study of Negotiating Power in California

Current Position: Teaching Assistant, Geography Department, University of Colorado Boulder

Kevin AndrewsKevin Andrews

MS Student, Environmental Studies Program, 2013-2015
Thesis: Adventure is out there: Evaluating the role of experiential and environmental education in improving environmental attitudes and outcomes

Current Position: Senior Research Analyst, E Source

Lisa CaruanaLisa Caruana

MS Student, Environmental Studies Program, 2013-2014
Thesis: Going Beyond Organic - The Connection Between Food, Culture, and Biodiversity, and the Impact on Environmental Health

Current Position: Research Assistant, One Earth Future Foundation

Kanmani VenkateswaranKanmani Venkateswaran

MS Student, Environmental Studies Program, 2012-2014
Thesis: The Vulnerability of Zambian Communities Living Along the Zambezi River Basin to Floods

Current Position: Research Associate, ISET

Aditya GhoshAditya Ghosh

PhD Student, Journalism, 2011-2012
Thesis: Climate Change Adaptation - Role of Regional Language Media in Helping Vulnerable Populations

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Jindal University, Delhi

Shawn OlsonShawn Olson-Hazboun

MS student, Environmental Studies Program, 2011-2013
Thesis: Power Politics - The Political Ecology of Wind Energy Opposition in Wyoming

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Evergreen State College

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Jessica RichDr. Jessica Rich

CIRES Postdoctoral Fellow, 2016-2017

Current Position: Assistant Professor Department of Communication and Media, Merrimack College

Gesa LuedeckeDr. Gesa Luedecke

CIRES Postdoctoral Fellow, 2014-2016
Media and Climate-related Responsible Behavior: The Impact of Television Program on Individual Action for Climate Protection Regarding Adolescents in Germany

Current Position: Climate Action Plan City, Munich

Joanna BoehnertDr. Joanna Boehnert

CIRES Postdoctoral Fellow
Mapping Climate Communication: A Climate Timeline and a Network of Actors

Current Position: Lecturer in Design and the Creative Industries in the School of Arts, English and Drama at Loughborough University

Former Undergraduate Students (Honors Thesis)

Kylie MarchioriKylie Marchiori

Environmental Studies Program, 2015-2016
Honors Thesis: Surviving Mass Extinction - An Analysis of Current Environmental Security Policies in the United States

Current Position: Water Programs Associate, Resource Central

Rachel BrinksRachel Brinks

Environmental Studies Program, 2013-2014
Honors Thesis: Fighting Climate with Religion - A Look into Judeo-Christian Perspectives on Climate Change

Current Position: Master of Environmental Economics and Policy Candidate, Duke University

Amy MeyerAmy Meyer

Environmental Studies Program, 2012-2013
Honors Thesis: A New Approach to Climate Change and Development - The Future of the Green Climate Fund

Jesse FifeJesse Fife

Environmental Studies Program, 2011-2012
Honors Thesis: The Triple Bottom Line of American Professional Sports - Sustainability Issues and America’s Pastimes

Current Position: Senior Consultant, CapTech Ventures