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Science, Technology, and Security:
Knowledge for the Post-9/11 World -- Symposium, October 10-11, 2002

Workshop Participants

Brian Argrow University of Colorado at Boulder
Bill Ayen University of Colorado-CO Springs
Peter Backlund National Center for Atmospheric Research
Chip Benight University of Colorado--CO Springs
Hal Bidlack USAF Inst. National Security Studies
John Black University of Colorado at Boulder
Frank Blaha Awwa Research Foundation
Lewis Branscomb Harvard University
Bill Brown Colorado State University
Ron Brunner University of Colorado at Boulder
Jack Burns CU System
David Byer Colorado State University
Rad Byerly CIRES Science Policy Center
Tim Carlin  
Tom Carney University of Colorado at Boulder
May Chu CDC
Krzysztof (Krys) Cios University of Colorado at Denver
Gordon Day National Inst. Standards & Tech.
Tom Feiler  
Patty Ferreira 3DBiometrics, Inc.
Sherry Fischer CU Health Sciences Center
Tara Fortin CIRES Science Policy Center
Robert Fredell USAFA
Steven Fuscher United States Air Force Academy
Hank Gardner Colorado State University
Alex Goetz University of Colorado at Boulder
Lakshman Guruswamy University of Colorado at Boulder
David Guston Rutgers University
Elisa Harris University of Maryland
Cynthia Honssinger State of Colorado
Terry Howard CU Health Sciences Center
Gretchen Heuring University of Colorado at Boulder
Bobbie Klein CIRES Science Policy Center
Frank Laird University of Denver
Julie Lundquist Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Juan Lucena Colorado School of Mines
Alexander MacDonald National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin.
Mike Martin CU System
Jim Martin University of Colorado at Boulder
Scott McCoy XCEL Energy
Valerie NcNevin State of Colorado
Carl Mitcham Colorado School of Mines
Gail Nelson  
Robert Noun National Renewable Energy Lab
Lee Panella USDA/ARS
Jerry Peterson University of Colorado at Boulder
Roger Pielke, Jr. CIRES Science Policy Center
Kristi Pollard Senator Wayne Allard's Office
Margaret Sanders  
David Schmidt University of Colorado--CO Springs
Douglas Sicker University of Colorado at Boulder
Thomas Siewert National Inst. Standards & Tech.
Eugene Skolnikoff Massachusetts Institute of Technology
James Smith USAF Institute for National Security Studies
Paul Sperry CIRES
Rick Stulen Sandia National Laboratories
Allan Turner State of Colorado
Alexander Wolf University of Colorado at Boulder
Dave Wollman National Inst. Standards & Tech.